LEED Waste

NS Carting specializes in hauling and processing waste for LEED certified projects. We offer recycling solutions that virtually no other hauler in the Long Island market can – either comingled or source separated at the jobsite. This allows project managers the flexibility to choose how they recycle for maximum efficiency on the job. NS Carting & Dumpster Rental Services is a recycling and waste management company on Long Island, NY. As a top Long Island LEED dumpster rental company, we also offer excellent waste invoice auditing services.

With NS Carting and Dumpster Rental Services of Long Island, the customer places all debris into one container, which we haul to our licensed recycling facility for processing. This method reduces the number of containers required at a customer’s location, thus preserving valuable jobsite space. It also alleviates worker confusion and the need for additional man-hours to constantly monitor what is being thrown into the various recycle containers required for source separated collection. Our highly trained staff sorts the waste, separating the recyclables from the residual and documents the volume/yardage of each commodity on Load Inspection Forms. Specific commodity information from the Load Inspection Forms is then entered into the NS Carting LEED Project Tracking Software. This system automatically tracks the amount of material recycled by commodity from each job and even compares the total amount recycled to a job specific recycling goal. The LEED Project Tracking Software is kept on file and forwarded to the customer upon request.

Not many Long Island LEED dumpster rental companies offer the high-quality waste invoice auditing services and waste management consulting you can get from NS Carting. As an added bonus, our experts in the Long Island area will partner with you to help save you money and cut your costs. Contact us today!